Tureen is a member of the Hot Peppers. She is the granddaughter of Jambalydia. Tureen was captured by Gluttons in a flashback seen in episode 9 and corrupted by Cinnamonkey.

When Kayla, Pie Tin, Albert, Oslo, and the Burnt Meatballs were looking for Chase and Chef Jack, the group got captured by Tureen and taken to a mountain headquarters where they were put to work. Once the two clam chowders were combined, Clawdia and Tureen created Chowderheads, who attacked the slaves. Chase and Jambalydia managed to storm the headquarters causing Chase to unleash Fried Ricer and Hot Doggone-It to battle Chowderheads. Jambalydia used the jambalaya in her hat to free Tureen from the Glutton Control.

Like Jambalydia, she was originally a Foodon in the Bistro Recipe games going by the name "Shabu Shabu" as this is what she was made from.

Based on: Shabu-shabu