Based on Chop Suey:

Summary: Formed by the fusion of all the Pork Bullies, Slop Suey was the cause of the swine flu plaguing the people of Ham-ster Dam, killing countless people. After Slop-Suey was destroyed, Chase cooked up an antidote in the form of vegetable medley using local magic herbs, then used it to cure the ailing Ham-ster Dam inhabitants.


Slop-Suey is a monstrous pig Foodon with its huge body covered by a head of cabbage, black claws, and a pink spiked collar.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Despite its tremendous size and strength, Slop Suey has horrendous breath that causes the swine flu virus (not the real life kind). It can blow tremendous wind from its snout to blow things and Foodon away.