Shakin Bacon

Shakin' Bacon post-brainwash

Based on: Pork pot pie

Porky Pie young

Ever since he was a young tot, Porky was identified by the star on his left ear. This is how Jambalydia knew for sure the Shakin' Bacon was really her lost Porky Pie.

One of the Glutton's secret weapons, he was once a tiny Foodon called Porky Pie that was owned by Jambalydia, who played with him all the time. One dark night, the Gluttons invaded and took little Porky Pie away. By then, Porky Pie was super-sized into a brainwashed powerhouse called Shakin' Bacon. He regained his senses when finally seeing Jambalydia again after years of separation. They now live happily together again with no Gluttons to bother them anymore.

Description: A huge muscular pig Foodon, his head is a plate of pork pot pie with pig ears and a snout on it. The left ear has a distinctive star-mark on it, distinguishing him from others. He carries a one-ton wrecking ball.

Powers and Abilities: He attacks by swinging his giant ball and chain around to smash his opponents to bits. Can also use simple stomping/punching attacks. His huge size gives him tremondous strength and durability.

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