Sgt Side-Order
Based on: beans and mashed potatoes (but in some dubs he is based on green curry.)

Used by Clawdia, along with Noodle-ator and Applegator, to kidnap the team's Foodons and hold them for ransom in order to get the diamond mushroom from them.
Beans and mashed potatoes

The dish Clawdia used to make this foodon!

Description Edit

He has the body of a military commander in camouflage and a plate of beans and mashed potatoes for a head; he also wears goggles (sunglasses in the games).

Powers and Abilities Edit

He uses military tactics to fight (mostly booby traps). In the games, he has possession of a machine gun of some sort. In the show he shoots spicy sauce out of his sniper.

Bistro RecipeEdit

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