むしどり Mushidori


ATK:43 / DEF:33 / SPD:21 /

Type meat

This is a meat-type Foodon.

Recipe mushidori

むしどり mushidori

Based on mushidori, which is steamed chicken with cucumber. Class 2 meat-type.

Possible Dub name: Gooser Mom


  1. Unlock:
    • Yakitori recipe + Kyuuri きゅうりkyuuri (cucumber)
  2. From then on:
    • Toriniku とりにくtoriniku
    • Kyuuri きゅうりkyuuri (cucumber)


  • lvl 1: ひっかきhikkaki [typeless]
  • lvl 1: てつのつめtetsu no tsume (iron claw) [typed]
  • lvl 16: わしづかみwashidukami (grabbing hold) [typed][-HP]
  • とっしんtosshin (charge) [typeless][-HP]

Topping effects:

  • Tougarashi とうがらしtougarashi (red peppers), Shouyu しょうゆshouyu (soy sauce) = 三位一体
  • Suupu スープsuupu (soup) = burn status
  • Karameru カラメルkarameru (caramel), はちみつhachimitsu (honey) = sleep status

Trivia Edit

Although Mushidori is steamed chicken with cucumber, the sprite appears to depict a duck, as evidenced by the duck bill and flippers.

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