If you don't know any katakana or hiragana, Bistro Recipe can be confusing at first. This page explains some of the menus you come upon during your adventure.

First MenuEdit

This is the first menu you will come accross in this game. If you are using an emulator, you will never have to see or use it again. Regardless, it can be confusing to brand-new gamers. Upon pressing START on the game's start screen, you will be taken to this menu:


First Menu

つづきからあそぶ: Continue. Continue an already-started adventure. If using an emulator, this probably does nothing.

はじめからあそぶ: New Game. Pick this one to start a new adventure!

つうしん: Communication. Used to connect with another game, if playing on a real GBC.

パスワード: Password. Input a password to get goodies.

Foodon PlazaEdit

If you press the "A Button" on the first step of a map, you will be taken to the plaza. The menu looks like this:



  • つれていく: Withdraw. Take a Foodon from the plaza with you. NOTE: Can only be used when you have a free space in your party.
  • あずける: Deposit. Leave a Foodon from your party in the plaza, which holds up to 35 Foodons. NOTE: Can only be used when you have a free space in the plaza.
  • わかれる: Farewell. Get rid of a Foodon by eating it. This is permanent, so be careful!
  • やめる: Quit. Return to the overworld map.

Command ScreenEdit

Whenever you press START on the overworld map, you will come to this screen:



The options are as follows:
  • りゅうり: Recipes. Go here to look at the recipes you have unlocked and to make new Foodon.
  • フードン: Foodon. Here you can see your current Foodon party and select Foodons to go to the plaza (holds up to 35 Foodons).
  • セーブ: Save. If you're using an emulator, this does nothing. Use the File-Save Game option of your emulator to save your progress.
  • カタログ: Catalogue. This is your "FoodonDex". Displays all the Foodons you have made/encountered, as well as their stats, required ingredients and other info.
  • アイテム: Items. Go here to view your on-hand ingredients.

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