Ham-ster Dam

Ham-ster Dam is a location in Fighting Foodons that is located in the Candies Mountains.


Long ago, in the mountain village of Hamsterdam, a mysterious sickness had descended: the Swine Flu. It was caused by a porker of a Foodon called Slop-Suey. Things looked hopeless. Then the Grub Guru came down from the mountain with a cure: a side-dish of vegetables and medicinal herbs. This culinary conjurer brought health and peace to Ham-sterdam, and the whole world for centuries, thanks to his master Foodon skills and mastery of the art of cooking.

But then, the Glutton King squashed peace like a grape. King Gorge and his epicurean army lorded over the people with an iron fist. His thirst for power drove the Grub Guru underground and into hiding. The terror became even more tasteless when he started using food to brainwash his subjects in the Glutton Empire. Soon afterword the Swine Flu came back. Ham-ster Dam has a small chest housing an ancient relic left by the Grub Guru. Legend tells of a secret recipe card hidden inside. The box must remain closed until the Grub Guru returns. When that happens, King Gorge's days will be numbered.

The village contains an ancient underground tunnel leading out of the village, as an alternative to leaving above-ground where one can be detected.

Known inhabitantsEdit

  • Grandma Crackers - Grandma Crackers is an elder of the village. She has a crystal blueberry with which she can activate her mystic powers of Seeing and fortune-telling. Her prime focus is locating the Grub Guru, which turned out to be Oslo.