Type tenshin

This is a tenshin-type Foodon.

Recipe gyouza

キョウザ gyouza

Based on gyouza, a Chinese recipe that has become popular in most of Asia, including Japan.

Possible Dub name: Emperor Calzone


  1. Unlock:
    • Received upon defeating Shan Tan at Hourai San in Bishokka-ruled Xian Hao.
  2. From then on:
    • Komugiko こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)
    • Hikiniku ひきにくhikiniku (ground meat)


  • add Suupu スープsuupu (soup) for Sui Gyouza
  • add Ebi エビebi (shrimp) for Ebi Gyouza
  • add Gurin piisu グリンピースgurin piisu (green peas) for Shuumai
  • add Take no ko たけのこtake no ko (bamboo shoot) for Harumaki


  • lvl 1: つつみかくしtsutsumi kakushi (concealment) [typed]
  • lvl 12: うんアップun appu (luck up) [-HP][+luck]
  • lvl 21: まっぷたつmapputatsu

Topping effects:

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