Congratulations! Your Fried Ricer evolved into Super Fried Ricer!

Known as Upgrades in the games, Foodon Evolution is the process where a Foodon is transformed into a more powerful form by being around a compatible Foodon Deluxe. One example of this is Chase's Fried Ricer, who transforms into Super Fried Ricer (thus gaining great power and stylish lobster headgear) when near Fruit Turtle or Feastivus.


The first, and only, instance of Foodon Evolution in the entire anime is of Fried Ricer to Super Fried Ricer with the help of Fruit Turtle and, later, Feastivus.

In The GamesEdit

In the video games, Legendary Bistro Recipe Food Fight 1 and 2, Foodon Evolution is known as Upgrades, and is very different from the show. Foodons are Upgraded to another form when a special kind of Ingredient is added to there recipe.