Based on: A feast

Feastivus is Chase's Foodon Deluxe. He is made from a combination of Sir Dumpling, Dim-Sumthin' Special, Shrimp Daddy, and the Burnt Meatballs, but he was easily beaten and split into the four Foodons after his battle against Devouron in the series finale.


Feastivus is a giant purple dragon with sky blue wings with red membranes. He has blood red eyes, a red ring around his neck with a dumpling, dim sum, shrimp, and a star on it. On the tip of his tail is a flame (very much like a certain fire'flying type Pokemon).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Because it is made from Burnt Meatballs, it is immune to heat and fire attacks. It can also fly, breathe fire, wrap around opponents like a boa and squeeze them, and can summon tornadoes (as seen in the final episode).

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