Type okashi

This is a sweet-type Foodon

Recipe dango

だんご dango

Based on dango.

Possible Dub name: Eclairapillar (pun on Eclair and Caterpillar)


  • Dango kona だんごのこなdango no kona (dango flour)
  • Shouyu しょうゆshouyu (soy sauce)


  • add Kinako きなこkinako (soybean flour) for Kinako Mochi
  • add Anko あんこanko (red bean paste) for Daifuku
  • add Goma ごまgoma (sesame seeds) for Gomadango


  • lvl 1: チルドchirudo (chilled)
  • ラッシュrasshu (rush)
  • とっしんtosshin (charge)

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