Cole Slawter is a Glutton chef who specializes in seafood Foodon and is also a member of King Gorge's Big 4. He was originally a blue bear that was worked with Dia until he was transformed into a human form by King Gorge. His Foodons are Sizzler, Octopoison, and Squid-Vicious.

He can shoot lightning from his palms and has superhuman strenghth.

Alongside Clawdia, he plotted to turn Chase into a Glutton, but was foiled when Fruit Turtle reverted him back to a blue bear.

Even though he is part of the ruthless Big 4, he promotes honor over anything else. As a result, he and Chase had a mutual respect for each other despite being enemies.

His name is a pun on "coleslaw."

His foodons are Sizzler, Octopoison and Squid-vicious.

Voiced by Eric Stuart.

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