Coco is a cunning ninja girl who wears a wok on her head; she sometimes uses the wok and ninja stars as projectiles against the opposing enemies. Chase first met her on Banana Island and she is a student of Chef John. She later became friends with him, and both of them fall very much in love. Her Foodons are Doughnut-So, Ham Scam-Witch, and Tater Tons. Chase and Coco's relationship is quite popular among some fans. Descrption: Coco, although she was about 11 she had small breasts and a curvy figure, she wears a wok on here head and has purple hair in two large pigtails, she wore a pink jumpsuit which looked more like a one-piece swimsuit.

Coco with mask

Coco 1

Coco fighting

In the Manga

In the manga she had a katana sword and fought with it.

In the manga she, Chase and some other characters were much older, in the show Coco and Chase are around 11 years old in the manga they were boosted to 3 to 4 years.

In some of the manga covers she had brown hair oppose to purple.