Burnt Meatballs

A handful of Burnt Meatballs

Based on: meatballs (burnt obviously)

Burnt Meatballs are a type of Foodon. In the series, they were the only Foodon that ten year-old Chase could make before his success with his creation of Fried Ricer. for almost the entire series the Burnt Meatballs appeared to be completely useless until they proved themselves where there used to complete Feastivus.

Powers and abilities: They are immune to fire due to the fact that they are already burnt to a crisp. They can also float, and can merge together around a person or thing to encapsulate them (as seen in ep. 19) for transportation and/or to protect from fire and heat attacks


In the show the number of Burnt Meatballs would always change, most of the time there are only about 5 Meatballs, but they sometimes be bumped up to 7 or 8.

One of the Meatballs was voiced by Maddie Blaustein, using the same voice she used for Team Rocket's Meowth in the Pokemon anime.

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