ビーフカレー Beef Curry

Biifu karee

ATK:38 / DEF:38 / SPD:41 /

Recipe karee

ビーフカレー biifu karee

Type curry

This is a curry-type Foodon

Based on beef curry. Class 2 curry-type.

Possible Dub Name: Wheres D' Beef (pun on commercial tag line from Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in the 1970s "where's the beef")


  1. Unlock:
    • Curry recipe + ぎゅうにくgyuuniku (beef)
  2. From then on:
    • カレールーkaree ruu (curry roux)
    • たまねぎtamanegi (onion)
    • ぎゅうにくgyuuniku (beef)


  • げきカラgekikara [typed]
  • つよさアップtsuyosa appu (power up) [-HP][+ATK]
  • デンジビーフdenjibiifu [typed][-HP][FEAR]
  • とっしんtosshin (charge) [typeless][-HP]
  • つよさダウンtsuyosa daun (power down) [-HP][-ATK]

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