あんみつ Anmitsu


ATK:37 / DEF:37 / SPD:62 /

Type okashi

This is a sweet-type Foodon

Based on anmitsu
Recipe anmitsu

あんみつ anmitsu

. Class 3 sweet-type.

Possible Dub Name: Sweet Prince (pun on the line "Goodnight Sweet Prince" from Shakespeare's Hamlet, the fact it is a sweet type and it's crown)


  1. Unlock:
    • Daifuku recipe + かんてんkanten (agar)
  2. From then on:
  • だんごのこなdango no kona (dango flour)
  • あんこanko (red bean paste)
  • かんてんkanten (agar)



  • チルドchirudo (chilled) [typed]
  • あまいかほりamaikahori
  • あんみつぎりanmitsugiri [typed][-HP]
  • つめたいかぜtsumetai kaze (freezing wind)
  • こうしゅうはkoushuuha (high frequency waves) [special typed*][-HP]
  • まもりアップmamori appu (defence up) [-HP][+DEF]

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